Katrin Hansmeier

Speaker, Coach, Writer

As a professional actress, Katrin Hansmeier has been a humour expert at the German Institute for Humour for many years now. She published the book Humor: Das Manifest für verzögerte Schlagfertigkeit (Humour. The manifesto for delayed spontaneity) together with Eva Ullmann. In her diploma thesis, she analysed humour as a coping and survival strategy. In 2012, she started the initiative ARZT MIT HUMOR (Physicians with a sense of humour), in order to allow medical practitioners to profit from humour trainings adapted to their specific needs. As a theatre professional, she loves to let her audience in on the secrets of comedy and cheerful serenity. She has featured in numerous theatre, cinema and TV productions, among others in the popular German crime series Tatort. Her comic character Cloe, a lifeguard from Berlin, can be seen onstage throughout Germany.


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  • Pressefoto Steffi Henn: Steffi Henn