Dr. Kareen Seidler

Spokesperson and Research Assistant

Kareen Seidler is press officer of the German Institute for Humour. She makes sure the institute is present in the old and the new media and that the beneficial and appreciative aspects of humour are carried from Leipzig into the world.


She is also responsible for research at institute – and a regular book worm. Kareen offers concise and simple summaries of complicated humour research. Concerning the scientific side of humour, she’s mainly fascinated by its practical and theoretical implications for the business world, for medicine and for pedagogy.


Kareen studied English, Spanish and Comparative Literature in Geneva and Cambridge. For her doctoral thesis, she looked at how Shakespeare’s works first came to Germany. Alongside her studies, she’s worked for ARD (German Radio and Television Network), as a teaching- and research-assistant at the University of Geneva and at the Dahlem Humanities Center of Freie Universität Berlin. She also works as a translator and goes to the odd conference, preferably those with Shakespeare in the title.



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