Danielle Goenen


Danielle Goenen is a certified translator for German, French and English. To translate other people’s ideas without comment quickly became boring and she decided to pitch learning German to those less proficient in foreign languages. She went on doing this for 15 years with great enthusiasm. The fun of learning, says she, is the be-all and end-all.


Someone who’s having fun, learns better, faster and more efficiently. Unfortunately, humour doesn’t come up very often in most classrooms and it’s only marginally mentioned – if at all – in teacher training. This had to change. Danielle now helps teachers and pedagogues to use humour in the classroom, in a form that is well adapted to the students.


For a few years she’s now been working as a humour coach, in German- as well as French-speaking regions. That’s why she’s having a closer look at the perception of humour based on the linguistic background. Do Belgians and Frenchmen laugh about German humour? Do Germans find French-speaking comedians funny at all? When translating cartoons, she occasionally stumbles upon bizarre idiosyncrasies which don’t make translating any easier. She masters these with humour.

image sources

  • DSC_0004: Gregor Colienne