Oslo Autumn Quality Conference 2012

“Thanks a lot for your contribution Eva. Good to have you here! I understood a number of the participants were contacting you. And hopefully some of those will engage you for a return to Norway soon.

Everything was running well. I have heard very positive feedback both about your presentation and the conference. 10 e-mails this morning confirms a happy audience, lecturers and board members.” 

Torolf Paulshus, Norsk Forening for Kvalitet og Risikostyring



HOYA Surgical Optics GmbH

“Ms. Ullmann inspired us to turn difficult patients into happy customers, at any rate to try to do so. The enthusiastic attendance at her keynotes during our Hoya Katarakt conferences in 2013 and 2014 speaks for itself.”

Dr. Frank Seibel, HOYA Surgical Optics GmbH



MediTÜV GmbH & Co. KG

“First, I would again like to thank Ms. Ullmann, also on behalf of the management, for her professional keynote. It was thought-provoking and provided numerous interesting impulses. The workshops were also very popular with our colleagues.”

Martina Schotte-Kmoch, MEDITÜV GmbH & Co. KG, TÜV NORD GROUP



Administrative District Office Aschaffenburg

“Ms. Hansmeier successfully represented humour as an effective resource in daily work routines. The approximately 200 employees attending the event were thrilled. Many of them told us that they not only laughed heartily but also received much food for thought. We are convinced that the impulses originating in Ms. Hansmeier’s presentation will have a long-lasting impact. We will recommend the German Institute for Humour wherever possible.”

Nicky Herzog, Chairman of the Staff Council, Administrative District Office Aschaffenburg



Federal Association of All-Day Schools

“I would hereby like to express my heartfelt thanks for a truly successful presentation. With years of experience, I always choose a seat near the exit when listening to a presentation, since I have spent too much of my time listening to useless and moreover rhetorically badly crafted and uninspired presentations.

Every speaker has five minutes to win me over. Otherwise I leave.

You needed ten seconds to win me over and keep me spellbound. I do not have to enumerate your qualities to you … Simply awesome. And all that in front of a bunch of teachers …”

Thomas Bungartenparticipant in the conference of the Federal Association of All-Day Schools 2011






Steinbeis Counselling Centre for Business Mediation

“The seminar ‘Solving conflicts with humour’ perfectly conveys the possibilities humorous communication techniques offer for mediation.”

Bernhard Böhm, Master of Mediation, mediator, lawyer

Manager of Steinbeis Beratungszentrum Wirtschaftsmediation (Counselling Centre for Business Mediation)

Leipzig – Stuttgart – Vienna – Budapest



Hannover School of Health Management GmbH (HSHM)

“Eva Ullmann has made humour her mission. For some years now, Ms. Ullmann has been enriching our courses for senior physicians on the topic of Medical Leadership and Management at the Hannover School of Health Management. Personally, I greatly appreciate how she passes on her knowledge and skills in her seminars and workshops. Particularly in a hospital, a sense of humour, the ability to meet life’s adversities with cheerful serenity, can help everyone involved.”

Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniel P. Wichelhaus, Manager HSHM GmbH



Hannover Clinical Trial Center GmbH

“For our fast-growing team, Ms. Ullmann was a refreshing asset. Conversational structures change and during our communication training, we, as a team, experienced a very focused exchange and laughed heartily.”

Prof. Dr. Heiko E. von der Leyen, CEO, Hannover Clinical Trial Center GmbH



buss – Federal Association for Inpatient Addiction Treatment

“Ms. Ullmann’s contributions to our management conferences in 2013 and 2014 allowed us to discover humour and laughter as important resources for employees working in addiction treatment. Under the competent and entertaining guidance of Ms. Ullmann and with the help of practical examples, the creative and appreciative aspects of humour were examined in great detail and put to the test.”

Dr. Andreas Koch, buss | Federal Association for Inpatient Addiction Treatment



GDMcom GmbH

“Ms. Ullmann and her exceptional keynote were a true enhancement for our customer event. Afterwards, the atmosphere was noticeably relaxed and easy-going. The participants’ feedback was consistently positive. Everyone had lots of fun and was additionally able to pick up useful ideas for everyday life. Thank you again for this.”

GDMcom, Society for Documentation und Telecommunication (Gesellschaft für Dokumentation und Telekommunikation mbH), Leipzig






Fontane Hospital Mittenwalde OT Motzen

© Matthias Nowak

“We filled the 20 year anniversary of our clinic with liveliness thanks to the German Institute for Humour. Our 450 guests and employees were delighted by this humorous day. With interactive keynotes and cheerful and simultaneously in-depth workshops, the topic of humour in daily hospital routine proved to be a successful mixture of celebration and continuing education.”

Gudrun Urland, Clinic Management



Cornelsen Academy

“For many years now, Eva Ullmann, Katrin Hansmeier and Gaston Florin have been enriching our presence at the yearly education fair didacta (the largest specialised fair in Europe, for teachers in all areas of education) with intellect, charm and wit.

We jointly developed choreographies for our presence at the fair, which significantly increased the attendance at our exhibition area. It became a magnet for visitors within the greater Cornelsen exhibition area and remains one to the present day.

Time and again, they succeed in presenting our seminar topics in an intelligent and humorous fashion. Our clients are delighted by their professional theatrical implementation, which creates tremendous awareness and intense interest in our products.

Additionally, we appreciate them as highly creative, dependable, competent and committed coaches and hosts. Our cooperation has always been excellent. The various internal trainings of the Cornelsen Academy and the performances which we organized jointly showed long-lasting impact.

We’d like to thank them and are looking forward to many more years of working together.”

Patrick Neiss, Director of Cornelsen School Press



German Society for Quality – Continuing Education

“Ms. Ullmann opened up a refreshingly different perspective for the participants at our DGQ Fachtagung/EOQ Congress/FQS Forschungstagung 2012. Her contribution offered the perfect mix of humour, content-related substance and targeted interaction.”

Ansgar Carbow, Manager Events and Formats, German Society for Quality (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Qualität, DGQ Weiterbildung GmbH)



Manpower GmbH & Co. KG

“Aren’t we all looking for new ways to make that which we have repeatedly preached reach the ears (and preferably even the brains) of our boss, co-worker or even business partner? Why not give humour a try? Be un-German! Try considering your problems as knee-slappers. We can heartily recommend Ms. Ullmann of the German Institute for Humour for the purpose. Not possible? Not functioning? If something isn’t working, try out something new. Try humour!”

Kerstin Hattar, Chief Marketing Officer Manpower Nord



Medical College Hanover

“From laughter to ideas: combine a willingness to think with Ms. Ullmann’s charm and humour and the effect is produced in two stages. First you merely laugh. Then you become pensive and finally the ideas begin to flow. Skill through joy. Thank you.”

Dr. med. Andreas Tecklenburg, Member of the executive committee, responsible for the Patient Care Department, Medical College (Medizinische Hochschule) Hanover






Communication done differently

The topic of “humorous communication” was, quite unexpectedly, not taught to me by Ms. Hansmeier but we rather discussed and described it together in dialogue. Ms. Hansmeier always had a golden thread running through all coaching sessions. The result is exceptional: in my leadership role, I now consciously shape difficult meetings and conversations in a constructive, goal-oriented and suitably humorous manner, which often pushes my interlocutors into the desired direction. If I do not succeed, I do not view it as a failure but rather as a new, joint task, following the motto: “Hurray, we have a problem!” Thank you again!

Manager, TÜV Rheinland



Dennis Glöckner, Human Resources Development Counsellor

“In a lively and professionally sound manner, Ms. Hansmeier shows how benevolent humour can enhance communication and relieve tension. Diverse inputs and various exercises encourage experimentation and reflection about one’s own attitude. Ms. Hansmeier is like a spark that ignites things. Rarely have I experienced so much competence and diversity in only two hours!”

Dennis Glöckner, Human Resources Development Counsellor, District Administration of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg in Berlin



Peter Jünemann, Vattenfall Europe Wärme AG

“My tools are spanners, pliers and screwdrivers. After being coached by Katrin Hansmeier, I had the necessary tools at my disposal in order to speak in front of 1,000 people at a staff meeting. The strenuous work on my skills was well worth the effort. Doing the whole thing with a humour coach was really, really fun. Thank you!”

Peter Jünemann,  Vattenfall Europe Wärme AG



Andreas Kreutzahler, Manager at BSR (Berlin City Cleaning)

“Katrin Hansmeier turned a speechless man into a speaker. It felt like winning the jackpot! With her sense of humour and her commitment, she switched on my self-confidence and galvanized my weaker self.”

Andreas Kreutzahler, Manager, BSR

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