The German Institute for Humour accompanies your event humorously, sensitively, dynamically and in style: be it a humorous appetizer, an amusing dessert, a company keynote, a hospital workshop, a scavenger hunt for the board of directors, a paperchase about occupational safety or a soapbox derby for your team event. We can design a varied event programme suited to your needs. And we have a team of competent coaches and creative assistants at hand to complement our services.


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Grundlagen von Humor

Sie wollen Ihre täglichen Auftritte, Ihre Dozententätigkeit oder Ihre Art zu verhandeln humorvoller gestalten? Sie würden gern humorvoller streiten, sich selbst gut humorvoll managen und spontan agieren und reagieren?

Mit einem inspirierenden Humorvortrag locken wir auch den größten Online-Meeting-Muffel hinterm Ofen vor und bringen Lächeln und Gemeinschaft an verschiedenste Arbeitsplätze. Vielleicht gibt es vor dem Online-Event ein Care-Paket geschickt oder zur Mittagspause eine Pizza ins Homeoffice geliefert. Auch Führung aus Distanz oder der Technikfrust kann ein zentrales Thema eines Online-Events sein. Wir begleiten Sie gern in ein erfolgreiches hybrides Event mit dem Besten aus der analogen und digitalen Welt.

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A rally for a board of supervisors

The board of supervisors is on tour. Hotel, meeting, guided city walk, the usual? Not if the Institute for Humour have their say. We create unusual meetings and seminars for boards of supervisors, executives and management.

The Institute for Humour offers multiple and various humorous event formats: a soap box derby for team bonding, a rally on the topic of occupational safety, interactive presentations for closed conferences and retreats. You will get to know Leipzig (and yourself) in an unusual and adventurous manner. Meetings are extracted from the daily routine and teams get to discover their own humorous side. A city rally invites you to a humorous self-reflection. Such events are exciting for all participants and generate lasting memories.


© Michael Bader

Conference retreat

A conference retreat in a medical college. For two days, humour expert Eva Ullmann and cartoonist Martin Cambeis sit in on presentations and discussions. They listen, they snap up bits and pieces, they sketch pictures.

Their advantage: since they aren't medical professionals, the pictures they produce turn out to be rather funny. At the end of the second day, they present these pictures during the conference dinner, holding up the mirror to those present. With an appreciative yet cheeky humour and in the right dosage: a heroic tale, a James Bond story, a Star Wars episode, all accompanied by live sketching. People laugh and it gets them thinking. The participants will have fond memories of this conference for years to come.