Humour research

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The German Institute for Humour offers a fairly subjective – and by no means exhaustive – selection of scholarly articles on the topic of humour.


For the three fields of business, medicine, and pedagogy and psychology, Dr. Kareen Seidler offers concise summaries of a number of studies and articles, often including practical examples.


Summaries of the following studies are currently available in English translation:


Berk and Nanda, Humor and test anxiety and performance


Brutsche et al., Impact of laughter on air trapping


Hobbs, Lawyers’ use of humor as persuasion


Kuiper et al., Laughter is not always the best medicine


Plester and Sayers, Functions of banter in the IT industry


Ziv, Teaching and learning with humour


Additionally, the full text of Noni Höfner’s article on the Provocative Style is available in English translation.